Friday, February 27, 2009

Bush can't get the Morning News

Apparently the DMN won't hook Bush up? What's the matter? Afraid your liberal slant will come back to haunt you? lol, j/k

Mr. Bush,
Allow me to share with you the usual headlines:
1. Cowboys are fools
2. Jerry Jones is insane
3. We can't ever finish building stuff because our infrastructure sucks
4. Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville are blights on the city
5. Someone got stabbed
6. Someone got shot
7. Maniacs are on the loose on the freeway
8. A kid got locked in a car
9. People are fat here
10. Our kids still can't read

1 comment:

  1. I live in the suburbs of Dallas. =P Its not bad here, nor is it 20minutes away where Bush lives.
    But #4, there are some scary people living in those areas...but you left out the worse place of all however.